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RCB Racing Fuel Prices

Here is a list of all the different fuels and extras available for purchase from RCB Racing. If you’d like to place an order or make a purchase, simply give us a call or send us an e-mail and we will gladly assist you.

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Description1L 20L25L
MethanolR13.88N/AR422.19 excl
Ethanol 99%R28.04N/AR770.00 Incl
Ethanol 96%R23.00 excl
N/AR740.60 Incl
MR 12N/AR 3 820.00 inclN/A
NO2 Nos Fuel
R 2 300.00N/A
M-3 Methanol
R99,81R 1 997.00N/A
VP Racing LC5R 2 763N/A
VP Racing LC7 R 2 334N/A
VP Racing SLR R 2 300.00N/A
VP Racing M5 R 1 350.00N/A
VP Racing M1 R 850.00N/A
VP Racing X85 R 930.00N/A
VP Nitro 50 R 3 450.00N/A
VP Import R 3 850.00N/A
VP Import Reg R 3 200.00N/A
VP Racing Q16 R 2 687.00N/A
VP MS 109 RegR 2 400.00N/A
VP MS 103 R 2 875.00N/A
VP Q16 R 2 687.00N/A
VP 110 R 2 415.00N/A
VP No2 R 2 30.00N/A
VP MRX02 R 4 200.00N/A
VP C16 R 2 250.00N/A

TrackbiteR115R230R 1 150.00 20L ( R 4 370.00)
Top LubeR450.00N/AN/AN/A

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